To judge filtering rate

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The first is to determine filter model itself, when we choose Pall filter accuracy Pall filter should look at the model, as representative of the accuracy of the different models is not the same, so the choice of Pall filter when you can according to their different accuracy needs to choose a different model, the following is Pall filter different models represent different precision: Pall filter models the general rule is: HC 9604 FKS 13 H, which represents letter S filtration is located, except S there are other letters representing different precision: where S represents 10 microns, N Representative 6 microns, P represents a 3 micron, Z represents 1 micron, T represents 25 microns. This is different precision filter Pall representatives, so my friends in the selection filter when you can pay attention to what they need to choose the right model accuracy, there is the domestic Pall filter can not confirm the accuracy of the models look at the filter, according to their accuracy prior to use of the filter is selected, the election of the manufacturers to ensure that the correct cartridge filtration. Pall filter for the accuracy of our naked eye can not see, can only be said that the Pall filter itself can be seen to do testing before the filter accuracy, but in general there is no way to do user testing, the only thing to do is to Select the filter time to find a reliable manufacturer, do not worry about the accuracy of the filter, there is a way to see through the Pall filter filtered oil cleanliness, many places for oil cleanliness can be detected.

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